I'm a businessman. I'm fair. So I'll put the slut's fate in your hands.

How about a contest you all know and love?

One some of you have entered before.

One that's easy.

One that really shows off your true colors.

One that's fair.

If a predetermined number of people post OFF WITH HER HEAD in the comments,

Emma's life will end posthaste.

If a predetermined number of people post SUPERPOSITION OF STATES in the comments,

Emma will live on as is.

If a predetermined number of people post L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. in the comments,

Emma's former condition will be restored and all memory of Master wiped.

Cast your vote below. You have three days.


Because Jellicles would, and Jellicles can
Jellicles can, and Jellicles do...

20 curiosities:

Elaine said...

Oh, Em.
She deserves better than all of this. She deserves another shot at a real life.


Jean said...

I fucking hate this shit, you know that? Goddamn. Why not let them choose for themselves?


Dia said...


I-330 said...


The Mad Ventriloquist said...

There's one problem with this contest. Whatever we choose, we're going to regret it. We don't hold the cards, no matter what he says.

With that said, I can hardly go somewhere else and play backgammon instead. Although I really wish to. I know I can't save her, but I can try.


Mystery said...


The Messenger said...

I don't pretend to imagine that this is a democracy. I'm almost convinced that this is a trap. Hell, maybe the predetermined number for "OFF WITH HER HEAD" is zero. But...fuck it. I have to try.

Here's to you, Schrödinger. Emma-Sofia Mondegreen. This is with the best intentions. You're about the only bloggers I give enough of a fuck about that I'd do this for.


-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

Lucas said...

I hate this, I hate this choice, but I have to try. I have to. I just hope to God I won't regret it.

What you don't have now will come back again.
You've got heart.
So go in your own way.

Ben said...

Firstly, my vote: L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
Secondly, three days, huh? Interesting. Back in that crazy journal there was something about being two days late. Some "off with her head" stuff there as well. Wonder if this means that the votes are irrelevant unless one of those predetermined numbers is reached today.

Hakurei Ryuu said...

Emma's "former condition"? I'm not voting for something I don't know the exact details to. At least I know that right now that she's well enough to survive, and maybe be happy if she chooses.

Tell me exactly what each choice will mean and maybe I'll vote for one of them.

Cheshire said...

Thoughtful Ben, three days is three days. I keep some of my words.

Cruel Hakurei, she would be as she was on her last birthday: whole, content, and oblivious.

Atalanta said...

Sounds great, but the world isn't what it was then. Even if she forgets, everyone else remembers. Can't last.


Cheshire said...

Cynical Atalanta, I like to think I do my job thoroughly.

Dia said...

There's always a trick, that's why I simply say for things to stay as they are.

John said...

Predetermined number? what does than mean? if we vote more (or less) than that "x" amount of times what would happen?

And i wanna know what she wants, we don't have the right to erase her memories... i mean, it's not like that worked for Robert. Let her talk cheshire

Dia said...

Psh. Like that's going to work.

Maurice said...






Ellen|Noir said...

How pathetic.


You gain satisfaction from repeatedly harming someone who cannot defend herself. Why not show a bit of courage, and try a target that knows what they're doing?

Jessie said...

She deserves to decide for herself


Spencer said...

.... Emma.
I was never good at making choices.
I'm sorry. For everything.

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