A lonely little man in a big, big world.

Look over here!
Can't catch me!
I'm too fast!

You're back on the playground,

weeks or months before,

and that bully still has an iron grip on the land.

You fly down the orange plastic,

and when you reach the bottom

they're waiting there for you.

You cower,

you look around for someone to help,


but nobody is there.

You are all alone.

Nobody is even watching in fear.

You whimper

or cry

or scream;

they laugh.

They hit you,

and you know you should be going away

but you're frozen in place.

They hit you again

and again

and again.

You can't do anything

but try to block out the pain.

Eventually, something stops hurting so badly,

it becomes a dull ache.

The bully is gone

and you are curled up on the ground.

You sit up,

you wipe your eyes,

you leave the playground,

you go inside.

You were alone

but you're all the better for it.

You're stronger now

and you can handle yourself a bit better now.

You hurt, yes,

but even the worst pain



You may be acquainted with the night, but I have seen the darkness in day.

All around the mulberry bush,
the kitten chased the kitten.

You're playing in your back yard,

as a young child,

and the night is slowly approaching.

Maybe you wish on a star,

or catch a firefly.

You play so much,

you dance so long and laugh so hard and sing so loud

that you don't even notice

when the sun rises.

That gorgeous light hits your face,

and you smile.

Suddenly, an acrid smell reaches you.

You turn, and with horror, you realize

your home is burning.

That beautiful house

that you've lived in all your life,

as long as you can remember,

your whole history,


Someone hugs you,

and you turn again.

Your parents are there,

your family and friends.

You hold them, too,

and you know,

no matter what,

whether playing in the night,

or watching the smoke cover up the sun,

even when the darkness in day threatens to grab you,

you know

that the darkness couldn't be there without the light;

you know

Schrödinger out.


Multum in parvo

Ready or not, here I come!


late last night,

I went back to the park.

I left Sierra and Mab at home,

sure they could take care of themselves for a little while.

When I got there,

it was totally empty.

Nobody else was there.

The clouds above me started to draw together,

started to rumble and darken.

It began drizzling,

so I laughed and danced in the rain and the darkness,

the only light coming from the moon and stars

and the lamps.

I've heard a lot about the rain.

It's a sign from God,

or a warning of things to come.

It's an omen of death,

or a blessing of harmony.


it's just rain.

As I danced and laughed,

I got a feeling

that someone

or something

was watching me.

I stopped for a moment,

I turned in a full circle,

I looked for someone else.

I couldn't see anything

until I looked at the trees.

There he was,

but not screaming

or hiding

or even moving;

he was just standing there,

looking sad.

His head was down,

the rain was falling on him,

as if attracted by some magnetic force,

though it seemed to pass right through him,

or become a part of him.

He looked so sad.

I didn't have a thought in my head

but to cheer him up, somehow,

though I knew I should stay back -

I sat in the grass, and watched.

He didn't look evil

or monstrous.

He just looked sad.

He wasn't huge

or flailing,

just sad.

It hadn't been ten minutes of us looking at each other,

when he disappeared.

I went home,


What does he feel?

When he's left out in the rain?

Without even the shelter of the trees to provide for him an umbrella?

Doesn't matter where the bus is headed
I just gotta go


You know that you have seen this all before; this yellow brick road and its apple trees.

If I only
had a home.

You're in the city,

the big city,

maybe New York or Los Angeles

or Chicago or Denver.

You've just gotten out of a cab,

at the hotel you're staying at.

For a moment,

you stand outside the doors,

waiting and watching

all the others hail their own taxis,

celebrities and soldiers,

politicians and just people

all walking around in this city.

No matter where you are,

the view is the same.

These sad, sad people

going about their daily lives,

never realizing how dead they are on the inside.

You decide to take action.

You run back and forth along the sidewalk,

you dance and leap and shout and sing.

Maybe someone joins you,

someone who sees what you see and wants to make these people happy again.

By the next chime of the hour, you've got an army

of these runners and dancers and leapers and shouters and singers,

these lovers and fighters and players and winners and losers,

these people,

these random people

making everyone else smile.

The people watching,

some of them, they say they've never seen anything like this before,

some of them are wondering what twister made you knock your head,

but all of them

are thinking



Everything is as it should be.


Your friend is still a little worried.

So you comfort them.

You regale them with tales of adventure and love.

You hug them or hold them,

or kiss them or smile,

you promise that you'll never let the darkness get them.

Finally, they're fine,

you both know what the sound is,

you both know what the darkness is,

and you both know how to find the light in it.

You both know


There's a light at the end at the darkness, and we walk towards it hand in hand.

Find me!
I'll give you twenty seconds.
Ready? Go!
Oh, you found me!
Good job!

Remember now your darkened bedroom,

except this time, you're not alone.

This time, you've got a friend,

or a lover,

or your pet!

You hear that sound again.

You know in your heart that it's nothing to be afraid of,

but your friend doesn't.

You ignore the sound, forgetting your companion,

you figure that they'll just know how to deal with it.

Some time later, you hear whimpering,

or crying,

or maybe they just shake you.

You ask what's wrong, and they mention that strange sound.

You laugh, and they look at you strange,

because it's obviously something horrible;

how can you laugh at that?

You grab a light,

you take their hand,

and lead them to the source of the sound.

You point with the light

and show them what it really is.

They relax.

You shine the light back to where you came from,

and out of the darkness,

you walk towards the light,



Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

and me!

It was that time on the playground,

when you were frolicking with your friends,

sliding and swinging

as the hours winded down.

You flew down the orange plastic,

and when you leapt to your feet at the end

you were staring straight into the face of that big kid,

the one who always made fun of you,

who always took your things,

who always forced you away.

They stared you down,

they glared at you until you averted your eyes

and scooted away.

You go back, to playing with your friends,

you forget about the bully.

You fly down the orange plastic again,

and there they are, waiting for you.

Maybe they hit you,

or yell,

or drag you or pull your hair or hurt you with their words.

You want to leave,

but suddenly your friend is by your side,

and they stare right back.

You look at them in astonishment,

but you see the bravery and the caring and the determination in their face,

and you stare with them.

Another friend shows up,

and another,

until the entire playground is staring at this bully.

They cave.

They can't take it.

They can't stand seeing such love.

They stagger back, as if hit,

and maybe fall.

You hold out your hand,

you reach down to them,

you grab theirs and lift them off the ground.

All is forgiven,

and you now have a new friend.

You've beaten them,

and since they couldn't beat you,

they joined you.


Put it in your head, baby
Hollywood is dead


I'm a blank canvas, a person remade. I'm a circle that has no beginning nor end. I'm fear and anger and elation and hope all at once. I'm a person with no purpose other than searching.


It was that time with your best friend,

when you had a horrible fight and you thought you would never make up.

For a while, you cried, or acted tough, or even ignored them.

Eventually, someone else noticed how strange you were acting.

Perhaps it was another friend,

or a brother or sister,

or a parent or even just a stranger who saw you being sad.

They asked you what was wrong, what was so wrong,

and you pushed them away,

because no one deserves to know about your life,

no one deserves to intrude on that sacred friendship,

the sacred friendship - that was no longer.

Maybe it only took a moment,

maybe days,

maybe weeks or months or years,

but eventually you gave in to yourself,

something you had been afraid of.

You were angry at this person for intruding,

but elated that they did.

You were suddenly blessed with a hope that maybe,

just maybe,

you could save this friendship.

You poured out your heart to this person,

you told it all, you explained everything,

how you felt, how you still feel,

you told them exactly what happened,

because if even one detail was wrong

it might never get fixed.

Once you were finished,

you knew what to do.

You had to wipe the slate clean.

You went back to your friend,

and one glance,

one look told both of you that it was alright now.

You both knew there was a new canvas to be painted,

a blank starting place,

you both knew you were now people remade -

but not really, were you?

You had gone in a circle,

from friends to enemies and friends again.

You realized that this whole fiasco had no start or ending,

it was just a circle.

The next time you had a fight

with anyone,

you went searching for that person

who had helped you so much.

This person might have shown up again,

or might not,

but their one lesson always remained with you,

that no matter what or why or when or where or how you are,

Talk to me!


Non omnis moriar

Saw it coming, hm?
Never saw...
Ha ha!

Spirits have been lifted for now,

so let's delve into my box of a life!

A few days ago, I went to the park.

As I sat there on the bench,

with that glorious sunlight on my face,

I heard a mewl from behind me.

In the bushes was this little kitten!

I've had lots of cats,

all of whom I've loved very much,

but I've always ended up giving them to the little ones

who need them more than I do.

But this was different.

This little kitten needed me.

I scrambled over to her and scooped her off the ground.

She's not very old at all. Not more than two or three months.

As soon as I picked her up, she stopped crying.

Then, she glared over at the bush again,

and I heard another sound,

another kitten,

much fainter and much sadder.

I set the first one down for a moment and crawled into the bushes,

and there was another, like I thought,

even smaller and more fragile-looking than the first.

His whimper nearly made me cry and bawl, but I gently took him out of the bush,

and saw how hurt he was.

One of his eyes is shut and scarred,

and the other is only ever half-open.

He's missing part of one ear,

and his coat is ragged,

his tail almost completely bare.

He's about as old as she is,

so I think they may be siblings,

but it's hard to be sure about these things.

I took them both home and washed them and fed them,

then brought them to a veterinarian for a check-up.

Besides his injuries, they're fine.

I haven't decided what to call them yet

(I was thinking George and Martha

or Fang and Lamb

or maybe Fange and Mamb?),

but rest assured they're in good care.


As long as there is light, there will be darkness, but it works the other way too. Know that, and It will never defeat you.

Shh. They can't see me over here.
But they can over here!
And over here!

It was that time, when you were there, sleeping,

when suddenly, a strange sound woke you!

It could be a creak,

or a scream,

or a bang.

You clutch at your blankets,

maybe your teddy bear,

you frantically glance around the room,

searching for the source of this sound.

Eventually you decide it was nothing and try to sleep again.

Then, later, you hear it again!

You bolt upright and throw on a gown,

or some pajamas,

or maybe not,

and you go looking for the sound.

What's the first thing you do?

You turn on a light.

It could be a lamp, or flashlight, or candle,

but the first thing you do is always to shoo away the darkness.

You stare and glare at the now-lighted areas,

you comfort yourself with the knowledge that the darkness is gone.

Look into the corner.

Your new light has made more darkness,

creating hundreds upon thousands of shadows.

It's only now that you realize what the sound was -

it could have been a friend or a pet or something falling,

you realize that it's not something to be scared of.

You turn off your light,

you go back to the darkness,

you close your eyes and sleep.

You wake up in the morning,

and rejoice at the sunlight on your face,

and everywhere you go that day, your shadow is following you -

but you don't worry about that particular darkness, do you?

It works both ways.

The next time you hear the sound,

you don't panic,

or grab a light,

or be scared.

Instead, you remember what you've learned about the dark,

and you fortify that concept in your head,

and you remind yourself,

that you'll never be defeated.

Oh, ho, ho, it's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so


Prism's blurbs about her wonderful life

Helllllllllooooo again!
Look over heeeeeeeeere!
Orrrrrrrrr back over here!

There's a beautiful world out there.

Remember, the first day of spring?

When you were little?

It was that time, when you saw that first butterfly,

and you gallivanted around your yard,

trying to just catch it once with your net,

until you saw a second butterfly.

Then, you tried to catch both of them, at the same time, with the same net,

but you could never manage it.

So eventually, you just sat, and watched them,

as they bobbed and weaved and bounced through the air,

and then they fluttered over to you,

and maybe one of them sat on you,

and you giggled and grinned,

and then they fluttered off again.

You missed them, for sure,

but you knew they just couldn't stay forever.

Then, next spring,

you saw the same butterfly,

and you went to get your net -  but you remembered,

you remembered how that went the first time.

So you just sat,

and the butterfly brought its beautiful family with it,

and you giggled and grinned

as you watched the veritable rainbow of butterfly wings,

you giggled and grinned as you watched your dog,

or your cat,

trying to catch one of them, and you knew

how hard it was,

so you leaped and jumped and played with them,

with your dog,

or your cat,

and the butterflies,

until there was no doubt in your mind

that you were having

Today's color:


Promise Me You'll Never Feel Afraid

Where am I?
Over here?
Back here again!

There's so much to see, so much to do, so much to feel and experience and learn and think and live.

You can't just give up.

You've absolutely got to just - just stop worrying for a day, an hour, a minute, a moment.

Just go outside, find the tallest tree in the forest, and just climb it.

Just look at the world around you from that tree.

It's beautiful.

There's nothing that can hurt you at the top of a tree.


And while you're sitting there, at the top of the tree,

while you're basking in the glorious sunlight bestowed upon us,

you make a promise to yourself,

maybe without even knowing it!

While you're sitting there,

King of the world,

maybe Queen of the world,

or Prince or Princess,

or Sage or Jester or Hero or Mystic or Warrior,

while you're sitting there,

whoever you are,

you make yourself a secret promise,

a promise to yourself,

one that you might not even know,

you promise yourself

that you'll never feel afraid.


Now, you're thinking too fast,
You're like marbles on glass


Agito ex via

Hey, look at this!
Now look at this!
Ooh, balance!
Which one is best?
This is kind of nice.
Then again, simplicity is always a good choice!
And so many colors!
Look at me, I'm big and bold!
Slender and slanted!
Supported throughout!
Or simply crossed and rant'd.


I can already tell we're going to be the best of friends!

You can call me Schrödinger.

We're going to have such a good time, I know it!

I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad