Altum videtur

Fly away, little birdie,
fly far into the sky!

They're everywhere.

Dead rats.


as if by a dog.
But I know who did this.

It's him.


These -

these cuts

they can only be from his sword.

The sword in his cane.

The one he used to


well, you know.

Every day,

another dead rat,



at my doorstep.

I thought it was Sierra or Mab at first -

they are cats, after all.

But the consistency and the nature of their injuries...

He has no remorse.

Cheshire was sweet when I knew him,

when he was still Lewis Jacobs Lyman.

When he was still my Jack.

Jack wouldn't do this.

Jack would try to nurse them back to health,

no matter how bad they looked.

Jack would have given them a proper funeral,

and I would have been right by his side.

I'm scared, yes.

But I'm also strong.

I don't have to let fear consume me.

7 curiosities:

AmalgamationSage said...

There you go! That's the spirit!

Elaine said...

Good for you!
Hold tight to that. He only has as much power over you as you give him with this sort of thing.

Maduin The Jester said...

Dear Schroedinger, how do you do it, that you regularly link songs that are earworming me?

Hold in there

Schrödinger said...

Ponies are a great source of Vitamin .

August St. Claire said...

... Ponies?

Why am I watching a show about ponies. Why am I watching a girl's TV show based on line of Hasbro toys and why can't I stop?!

(As if I needed another reason to be confused with the opposite gender.)

That strength'll get you far, Schro. Good to see you're not going to back down without a fight.

Gibson said...

Damn, those ponies aren't just fun, they are addicting.

This is very fun blog to read, by the way. From the other blogs I've just now read, most are depressing, but you seen determined to stay joyful. And that joy seems to be addicting. Like ponies.

Mystery said...

Sweetie.... it's been four days... everything okay?

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