A peek into another dimension...

There's a door, and you don't know where it leads.


There's a door, and you want it to lead to Paradise.

Who's there?
There's a door, and it leads to Paradise, but you don't know that.

Can you see me?

There's a door, and


I'm sorry

i'm so sorry

i can't do this anymore

i can't do this anymore

i'm sorry

i'm so sorry

i can't do this anymore

forgive me

please forgive me

for all i've done

for what i'm about to do

4 curiosities:

Elaine said...

Shrodinger, what's going on. What happened. What?

Hakurei Ryuu said...

Schrody, dear, just remember that there's always a choice. No matter what's happened to you, your actions are always your own. No one can take that away from you, although they'll try to make you think that they can.

You preach a simple happiness that all of us, including you, desperately needed. Don't turn away from that now.

Killjay said...

I think you've come a bit far to commit suicide now, don't you?

Maurice said...

dontgopleasedontgoi love you

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