It's simple. You need something delivered, but are being stalked by... You-Know-Who. We are good at Running and like money. Elementary, my dear Watson~!


 You're at the post office,

on Valentine's Day.

There's a young man

sitting on a bench,

just outside.

You sit next to him.

Beautiful day, huh?

you say.

No response.

You have a Valentine?

you ask.


he says.

He coughs. A tear runs down his cheek.

Left a week ago.

You smile.

You take his hand and smile for all you're worth.

You miss her, huh?

 you say.

No. Him.

You're taken aback,

but only for a moment.

You smile all the more.

You pat him on the back

and give him a short,

tight hug.

You wait,


Eventually he smiles.

You've cheered him up.

Thank you,

he says.

You hand him the box of chocolates

that you had just gotten in the mail.

You don't need to be a mind-reader to see


i can't remember

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Lucas said...

That made me smile, just when I needed it. Thankyou.


Hakurei Ryuu said...

that was adorable. thank you. ^_^

Elaine said...

That was the sweetest thing.

AmalgamationSage said...

^_^ Hooray!

Justice said...


August St. Claire said...

What a sweet story.

Stay safe, Schro. And good luck.

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