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Marching all around,
marching up and down.

You're at opening night.

The opening number is ending.

Your heart is pounding.

You're about to go on stage

when you're hit

with a wave of fear.

You can't go on!

You'll embarrass yourself!

You'll damage your reputation!

You'll lose all your friends!

Oh, dear, oh, dear,

oh, dear.

What will you do?

But the song comes to an end.

You have two choices:


or flight.

With the knowledge

that at least you'll have tried,

you go on.

You begin your solo.

You have shut your own ears,

hoping beyond hope

that you won't have to hear yourself.

That nobody else will.

But when you finish that first song,

when you open your eyes

and look out at the crowd,

they're not cringing

or booing.

They're applauding.

They're standing.

They're cheering.

And all you can think is,

5 curiosities:

Overmatter said...

Manage to get yourself in trouble agin?

Schrödinger said...

No, I'm...I'm fine. I may have hurt him, but I'm...I'm fine.

Overmatter said...

was he going to hurt you?

...was he hurting you?

Schrödinger said...

He - he was going to. But I think...I think I made him angry.

Overmatter said...

i dont knowwhat happend

but so long as youre protecting yourself

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