I find myself about to peer into an abyss... Will it stare back when I examine it?

Can they see me over here?
They can if I go
back over here!

You're in a hospital.

Your grandmother is dying.

She has cancer or heart disease or some other horrible thing -

but you're young. All you know is she's dying.

You stay by her side,

day and night,

rain and shine,

hunger and sleep.

You never leave,

always hoping,

always praying,

that she'll get better.

The doctors tell you that you have to leave.

Your parents tell you that you have to move on.

Your teachers tell you that you have to come back to school.

With a great deal of crying,

you go,

knowing she has no chance,

hating yourself for not being there.

After watching her suffer for so long,

you suffer.

It's almost as if you had traded places.

Now you feel as bad as she does,

you're in as much pain,

you feel as helpless as she must.

Weeks pass.

Weeks turn into months.

Maybe months even turn into years.

Then, one day,

when you're least expecting it,

you get the news:

Signing off. (Comfort)

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