We're all trapped in a maze of relationships. Life goes on with or without you.

Nothing can EVER stop me,
not if I'm over here!

You beg,

you plead,

you try,

but they still say no.

You whine,

you cry,

you scream,

but they still say no.

You don't understand.

You loved them.

You loved them to the ends of the Earth,

and yet they didn't love you.

It doesn't take long

before they're gone.

You're left all alone.

You spiral downwards.

You try everything to get them back,

and when nothing works,

you try everything to forget them.

You binge,

you splurge,

you go on vacation,

you get three other jobs,

but nothing gets them out of your head.


One day, you get a call.

You can't tell who it's from,

you can't tell why anyone would be calling you,

but it asks you to be somewhere,

to meet someone,

so you go

because you have nothing better to do.

You get there,

and there is your friend,

your long-time friend,

waiting for you

with flowers and ice cream and all your favorite things.

You squeal, you grin,

you tackle them in a hug.

They know just how to make you feel better.

And when all is said and done,

you realize you couldn't have loved them.

You couldn't have loved them,

because they never loved you.

You couldn't have loved them,

because when you give love,

you get love.

If they didn't give

2 curiosities:

Hosozukuri said...

...Who are you?

Schrödinger said...

I'm just Kathleen Schrödinger. Nobody special.

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