I'm outside your window looking in at the pretty light in your eyes.

Can't see me.
Can't catch me.
Can't get me.
Can't hurt me.

It's a cold,

snowy winter night.

You're sitting inside your house,

sipping hot chocolate,

eating marshmallows,

smiling and having fun by the fire.

You giggle and grin

you shuffle and snicker.

You're having a great time.

Then, you hear a scratching noise at the window.

Something's there.

For a moment, you're afraid

but then you get up and walk towards the window.

There, staring in at you,

is a half-frozen kitten.

You can't help but clutch your heart

and stifle your tears.

You hurriedly open the window and pull in the kitten.

You feed it and wash it and heal it and warm it.

Most of all, you love it.

After some time, you realize

that this is the neighbor's cat,

the neighbor who treated it so badly.

You decide not to send it back home,

but you know you can't keep it.

You take the kitten to a friend,

a good friend,

someone you know will love it as much as you did.

And when it's all grown up,

the cat recognizes you.

It knows you saved it,

and it thanks you,


and you smile and cuddle it.

You're still sad you couldn't keep it,

but you're glad that it grew up

Forever will come someday.

3 curiosities:

Justice said...

Curious.... I like you. You're good.

Maurice said...

You keep mentioning other blogs. Why?

What do they have to do?

Schrödinger said...

Love. Laugh. Live. The three Ls.

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