"Forget the reasons why it won't work, and believe the one reason why it will"


It's the science fair,

and you've done an experiment

to see if leaves

can be used as a source of power.

Your teacher cheers you on

with the quietest of cheers.

Your friends laugh and make fun,

your parents wonder if you're crazy.

You persist.

You get all the leaves you can get,

all kinds,

all sizes and shapes,

all colors and weights.

Nobody thinks it's going to work

nobody but you.

The day of the fair approaches.

You set up your display

and await the judges.

As soon as they come,

you flip the switch

and the bulb turns on.

A gasp -

a faint -

a scream -

a shock -

first prize!

You're so glad

that you did it

that you don't even realize

someone hid a battery

Stay safe, everyone.

2 curiosities:

Maurice said...

What does Sammie-dear have to do with this one?

Killjay said...

Not that I'm surprised, but I think you've missed the point, Maurice.

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