I just deliver the news

Can't see me!
Ooh, look at this!
How strange.

You're walking down the street.

It's cold and foggy outside.


you happen upon an old,


crumbling library.

It's barely a library anymore.

It's just a shadowed, empty stone box.

You duck in for a moment,

to get out of the cold

and catch your breath.

You hear someone

call out,

Who's there?

You turn and look.

It's a young boy,

coming in behind you.

He's wearing rags

and pushing a cart,

half-full of newspapers.

Why are you here?

you ask.

He tells you.

He lives in that broken-down library.

You're shocked.

You take him home with you.

You take care of him.

He grows stronger.

One day,

a couple shows up at your door.

They look very well-to-do,

but are sad,


They ask if you've seen their son.

The boy comes forward.

They see him,

and they nearly tackle him

out of joy.

They take him home,

and you live happily,

-Don't Shoot the Cat-
Kisses like cocaine, hits me like a freight train
I can't tell her no

3 curiosities:

Elaine said...

Thank you. I needed the smile right about now.

Hakurei Ryuu said...

This story seems... half-completed, somehow. Was that intentional?

Schrödinger said...

No, no. I'm so sorry.

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