And now...

Elaine has come.

I probably didn't look so good.

I might have even appeared as if I were finally dead,

laying listlessly on the couch as I was.

But it didn't take long to leave,

to head towards the one place

to meet the person

that I've anticipated meeting

that I've dreaded meeting

for...some time, now.

Never feared.

I never was afraid. Not of -


For all the soft words she's giving us,

Rachael is...

I can't say what she is.

She intrigues me,

as I assume I intrigue her.

I wish I could manage to show her the kindness she shows us.

But something...

It's more like a maze than a wall.

More like a swamp than an ocean.

There's something there, maybe even near,

but getting there requires effort that could tire Hercules.

But never let it be said I couldn't complete a measly twelve tasks

for a man who hides in a brass pot.

2 curiosities:

Elaine said...

Oh, Shrody. I'm glad to have you with me. It'll be good for us both to not be alone.

Atalanta said...

Nobody should have to be alone.

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