Old world blues

On Friday we ran into an old acquaintance of mine.

An...an ex.

We dated for a while in high school,

when we were young

and innocent,

and thought we could rule the world.

He didn't stick around long enough for a proper reunion.

He saw me - like this -

and he asked me how my cats were doing.

He knows I almost always have a cat or two around.

I told him they had...passed on.

Francis looked so genuinely sad when I said that.

He promised to get me a new cat.

He rushed away before I could say another word,

and an hour later he was back,

with a little kitten.

Its coat was patchy -
not that it was missing any part of it,

but there were splotches of brown,




and he has the deepest sea-green forest-green green-green eyes.

Which fits, I think.

Considering the - the other two had red ones.

I don't know how he found out

but Francis confronted me some time later
with eight words:

Did that Cheshire bastard do this to you?

I couldn't say no.

It's not in my nature to lie.

I bit my lip,

and nodded my head

almost imperceptibly.

He nodded more vigorously.

Ran off,

hopped in a car

and drove away.

Last night I had a dream.

Cheshire was there.

Francis was there.

Cheshire was laughing.

Francis was dead.

I'm so sorry, Francis.

I'm naming the cat Frankenstein.

After its latest, greatest owne-

no. Not owner.

You can't own an animal, any more than you could own a human.

And what are humans but animals, anyway?

I'm naming the cat Frankenstein,

after its latest



So much better than I'll ever be.

The scales are tipping so far in the wrong direction...

We need balance.

9 curiosities:

Mystery said...

I'm so sorry about Francis. You, and he, deserved better than to run afoul of this Cheshire bastard. Someone really needs to do something about him. I wish I had the skills or knew someone who could take care of this creature once and for all.

Elaine said...

Shit, Shrody... Come on. We're going for ice cream or something.

Schrödinger said...

Ice cream's nice.

John said...

Monsters are not

and maybe i'm being hopeful, but maybe he's not dead? i mean, even in these circumstances a dream is just a dream (at least sometimes)

Good Luck Schrody :)

Maurice said...

I owe ya one, kid.

Ya did Rachael good, and she needed that.

Rachael gets what she loves.

And a shithead like him...


I'll kill him. I can end him.

I don't care who he works for or what he is, the Director won't care.

And even if he did the Fabulous Maurice likes improv.

no one hurts my little girl

Schrödinger said...

@John - You're right. It was just a dream. I have to hope. And pray.


Atalanta said...

Just too weird.

AmalgamationSage said...

Stay alive.

Spencer said...

Come on sweetheart. Keep going.

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