Killjay is here.

She's...done something.

She...fixed this...thing Cheshire did to me.

I still feel like a corpse.

The last of my teeth fell out about an hour ago.

But it won't kill me now, if she's right.

And I trust her.

She says she doesn't care about anything.

She says she's not on anyone's side.

But I know this is important to her.

She has to deal with this...Wasting thing too.

But...as soon as it was done,

as soon as she had finished,

I heard him.

Heard his voice.

He wasn't nearby, I think.

I could see his smile on the edge of my vision.

"Five left."

Sir Thighpiece's...contraption did the job, though.

Cheshire never actually showed up.

Killjay is leaving, now, I think.

She has no reason to stay, she says,

although I think she should relax.

But I see them everywhere now.
The circles.

The circles, everywhere.

The circles of cats,

of boxes,

of swords,

of smiles.

I hate them.

I hate those circles.

Such ordinary things make me afraid now.

The moon.

The caterwauling at night.

Sharp shadows on grass.

Watches, clocks.



Cats, even.


And circles.


Such an ordinary thing.

And I should be meeting some friends soon.

Maybe I'll get a chance to relax.

She got into my head.

That's what Killjay does,

but it didn't force me out.

I was...

we were one.

For but a moment.

It was the most





frightening thing

I have ever experienced.

That kind of intimacy is...

probably not something you want to deal with.

Not that it's...bad?

But it's something big, on top of something huge.

We need to make some molehills out of mountains.

Not just keep piling rocks on top.

4 curiosities:

Elaine said...

Shit, Shrodinger. Hang in there.

Jessie said...

I... You write beautiful things. Hang in there, you seem like an amazing person.

John said...

Well i know a girl twice as hard :)

We're here for you Schrody, whatever i can do to help you, just ask

Hakurei Ryuu said...

Many <3s coming your way, dear.

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