Multum in parvo

Ready or not, here I come!


late last night,

I went back to the park.

I left Sierra and Mab at home,

sure they could take care of themselves for a little while.

When I got there,

it was totally empty.

Nobody else was there.

The clouds above me started to draw together,

started to rumble and darken.

It began drizzling,

so I laughed and danced in the rain and the darkness,

the only light coming from the moon and stars

and the lamps.

I've heard a lot about the rain.

It's a sign from God,

or a warning of things to come.

It's an omen of death,

or a blessing of harmony.


it's just rain.

As I danced and laughed,

I got a feeling

that someone

or something

was watching me.

I stopped for a moment,

I turned in a full circle,

I looked for someone else.

I couldn't see anything

until I looked at the trees.

There he was,

but not screaming

or hiding

or even moving;

he was just standing there,

looking sad.

His head was down,

the rain was falling on him,

as if attracted by some magnetic force,

though it seemed to pass right through him,

or become a part of him.

He looked so sad.

I didn't have a thought in my head

but to cheer him up, somehow,

though I knew I should stay back -

I sat in the grass, and watched.

He didn't look evil

or monstrous.

He just looked sad.

He wasn't huge

or flailing,

just sad.

It hadn't been ten minutes of us looking at each other,

when he disappeared.

I went home,


What does he feel?

When he's left out in the rain?

Without even the shelter of the trees to provide for him an umbrella?

Doesn't matter where the bus is headed
I just gotta go

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