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Helllllllllooooo again!
Look over heeeeeeeeere!
Orrrrrrrrr back over here!

There's a beautiful world out there.

Remember, the first day of spring?

When you were little?

It was that time, when you saw that first butterfly,

and you gallivanted around your yard,

trying to just catch it once with your net,

until you saw a second butterfly.

Then, you tried to catch both of them, at the same time, with the same net,

but you could never manage it.

So eventually, you just sat, and watched them,

as they bobbed and weaved and bounced through the air,

and then they fluttered over to you,

and maybe one of them sat on you,

and you giggled and grinned,

and then they fluttered off again.

You missed them, for sure,

but you knew they just couldn't stay forever.

Then, next spring,

you saw the same butterfly,

and you went to get your net -  but you remembered,

you remembered how that went the first time.

So you just sat,

and the butterfly brought its beautiful family with it,

and you giggled and grinned

as you watched the veritable rainbow of butterfly wings,

you giggled and grinned as you watched your dog,

or your cat,

trying to catch one of them, and you knew

how hard it was,

so you leaped and jumped and played with them,

with your dog,

or your cat,

and the butterflies,

until there was no doubt in your mind

that you were having

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3 curiosities:

AmalgamationSage said...

Well, you've caught my attention Schrody.

Slice said...

but what does it mean?

You are making me happy, though, friend.

thank you.

Schrödinger said...

It doesn't have to mean anything, as long as you're happy!

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