A lonely little man in a big, big world.

Look over here!
Can't catch me!
I'm too fast!

You're back on the playground,

weeks or months before,

and that bully still has an iron grip on the land.

You fly down the orange plastic,

and when you reach the bottom

they're waiting there for you.

You cower,

you look around for someone to help,


but nobody is there.

You are all alone.

Nobody is even watching in fear.

You whimper

or cry

or scream;

they laugh.

They hit you,

and you know you should be going away

but you're frozen in place.

They hit you again

and again

and again.

You can't do anything

but try to block out the pain.

Eventually, something stops hurting so badly,

it becomes a dull ache.

The bully is gone

and you are curled up on the ground.

You sit up,

you wipe your eyes,

you leave the playground,

you go inside.

You were alone

but you're all the better for it.

You're stronger now

and you can handle yourself a bit better now.

You hurt, yes,

but even the worst pain


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TheShadyLady said...

Beautiful transition
Beautiful words

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