As long as there is light, there will be darkness, but it works the other way too. Know that, and It will never defeat you.

Shh. They can't see me over here.
But they can over here!
And over here!

It was that time, when you were there, sleeping,

when suddenly, a strange sound woke you!

It could be a creak,

or a scream,

or a bang.

You clutch at your blankets,

maybe your teddy bear,

you frantically glance around the room,

searching for the source of this sound.

Eventually you decide it was nothing and try to sleep again.

Then, later, you hear it again!

You bolt upright and throw on a gown,

or some pajamas,

or maybe not,

and you go looking for the sound.

What's the first thing you do?

You turn on a light.

It could be a lamp, or flashlight, or candle,

but the first thing you do is always to shoo away the darkness.

You stare and glare at the now-lighted areas,

you comfort yourself with the knowledge that the darkness is gone.

Look into the corner.

Your new light has made more darkness,

creating hundreds upon thousands of shadows.

It's only now that you realize what the sound was -

it could have been a friend or a pet or something falling,

you realize that it's not something to be scared of.

You turn off your light,

you go back to the darkness,

you close your eyes and sleep.

You wake up in the morning,

and rejoice at the sunlight on your face,

and everywhere you go that day, your shadow is following you -

but you don't worry about that particular darkness, do you?

It works both ways.

The next time you hear the sound,

you don't panic,

or grab a light,

or be scared.

Instead, you remember what you've learned about the dark,

and you fortify that concept in your head,

and you remind yourself,

that you'll never be defeated.

Oh, ho, ho, it's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so

2 curiosities:

Lucas said...

You are insane! A heartwarming, assuring madman who reminded me of a dear friend who is currently keeping me in the dark.


Hakurei Ryuu said...

You are... a strange one, to be sure. But never let it be said that I didn't welcome strangeness into my life.

Keep your light burning strong.

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