There's a light at the end at the darkness, and we walk towards it hand in hand.

Find me!
I'll give you twenty seconds.
Ready? Go!
Oh, you found me!
Good job!

Remember now your darkened bedroom,

except this time, you're not alone.

This time, you've got a friend,

or a lover,

or your pet!

You hear that sound again.

You know in your heart that it's nothing to be afraid of,

but your friend doesn't.

You ignore the sound, forgetting your companion,

you figure that they'll just know how to deal with it.

Some time later, you hear whimpering,

or crying,

or maybe they just shake you.

You ask what's wrong, and they mention that strange sound.

You laugh, and they look at you strange,

because it's obviously something horrible;

how can you laugh at that?

You grab a light,

you take their hand,

and lead them to the source of the sound.

You point with the light

and show them what it really is.

They relax.

You shine the light back to where you came from,

and out of the darkness,

you walk towards the light,


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