You may be acquainted with the night, but I have seen the darkness in day.

All around the mulberry bush,
the kitten chased the kitten.

You're playing in your back yard,

as a young child,

and the night is slowly approaching.

Maybe you wish on a star,

or catch a firefly.

You play so much,

you dance so long and laugh so hard and sing so loud

that you don't even notice

when the sun rises.

That gorgeous light hits your face,

and you smile.

Suddenly, an acrid smell reaches you.

You turn, and with horror, you realize

your home is burning.

That beautiful house

that you've lived in all your life,

as long as you can remember,

your whole history,


Someone hugs you,

and you turn again.

Your parents are there,

your family and friends.

You hold them, too,

and you know,

no matter what,

whether playing in the night,

or watching the smoke cover up the sun,

even when the darkness in day threatens to grab you,

you know

that the darkness couldn't be there without the light;

you know

Schrödinger out.

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