We've come full circle

You're sitting alone in your car.

It's dark.
It's cold.

It's really no place to be,
but you were told you were to receive a package.

A man in a dark coat
and low-brimmed hat

steps up to the side of your car
and raps on the window.

You roll it down a few inches,
and he slips a manila folder through.

Inside are several envelopes,

each labeled with a name.
There's at least a dozen of them.

Maybe more.

(It's a big folder.)
Inside them are pictures.


Police reports.

You suddenly remember the names.

Recognize them.

However unfortunate it may be,

you've come

2 curiosities:

Quetzal said...

You know. Even if you are by chance real rather than some fictional person involved with the mythos -

I really like how you write your posts. I feel that is a horrible compliment to give but I feel if I say anything else I'll start treading lines I don't like to cross.


God why can't I be an ass in other people's comment sections?

Elaine said...

Em, what's going on? Em?

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