You know that you have seen this all before; this yellow brick road and its apple trees.

If I only
had a home.

You're in the city,

the big city,

maybe New York or Los Angeles

or Chicago or Denver.

You've just gotten out of a cab,

at the hotel you're staying at.

For a moment,

you stand outside the doors,

waiting and watching

all the others hail their own taxis,

celebrities and soldiers,

politicians and just people

all walking around in this city.

No matter where you are,

the view is the same.

These sad, sad people

going about their daily lives,

never realizing how dead they are on the inside.

You decide to take action.

You run back and forth along the sidewalk,

you dance and leap and shout and sing.

Maybe someone joins you,

someone who sees what you see and wants to make these people happy again.

By the next chime of the hour, you've got an army

of these runners and dancers and leapers and shouters and singers,

these lovers and fighters and players and winners and losers,

these people,

these random people

making everyone else smile.

The people watching,

some of them, they say they've never seen anything like this before,

some of them are wondering what twister made you knock your head,

but all of them

are thinking


6 curiosities:

AmalgamationSage said...

I wish I had more time to spend trying to understand you. I think I'd learn something.

Schrödinger said...

There's so much sadness and hate, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that remembers how to love. It's a well-known fact that laughter is the best medicine, and there's no better prevention plan than a smile. If I can spread that - then maybe things will get better.

The Messenger said...

...Aren't you the strange one. Who (or what) ARE you?

More importantly, how's your cat doing?

Schrödinger said...

I'm here to lift your spirits, no matter who you may be.

And they're both doing wonderful, thank you for asking.

Maurice said...


Schrödinger said...

You can call me Schrödinger! Who are you?

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